EDIT: SOLD OUT!! (Was: Fiber for SALE!)

Wow! Thanks Everybody! We just got back from the Carolina Fiber Fest in Sanford, North Carolina and we need to renew our stock. Watch the front page of Ewephoric fibers for an updated Sales Page.

Eco-Friendly Cashmere, Yak, Alpaca, BFL, Silk, Oh My! Check below for our most recent offerings!

Ewephoric Fibers is now offering its luscious fibers through our online shop!  You no longer have to wait for a show to acquire our unique spinning fibers!  We offer semi-solid colors and some multi-colored colorways that will be available at any time.  We are also offering one off dye lots that will not be repeated.  As with any hand dyed fiber or yarn, be sure to order everything you need for your project at one time to avoid subtle color differences that invariably happen with different dye lots.  If you have a large project, let us know so we can dye the whole lot at once.  Please note that while we try to get the colors correct, they may not appear the same on your monitor.

This Merino/Tencel is a 50/50 blend of fine superwash Merino and Tencel which is wonderfully drapy and lends a soft silky hand to the yarn.  Merino/Tencel is a great fiber for sock yarn when it is spun as a firm single and firm 2 or 3 ply.  It is also great for shawls.

Suggested spinning techniques: Roving that does not have defined patches of color can be split down the middle, each half spun, and plied together or spun as a long single, wound into a center-pull ball and plied from the ends.  For roving with defined color patches, we suggest that the roving be split in half lengthwise, each half spun and then the 2 singles plied together.  The shift in colors will be gradual.  For sharper color changes, try using Navajo 3-ply.  Another suggestion is to spin the entire roving from one end and then plying it with another roving from the same dye pot or a similar color for a gentle semi-veragated yarn.

Select the fiber you are interested in and email Info@ewephoricfibers.com.  We will confirm your selection and send you a PayPal invoice.  Shipping is $5 for First Class US Postal Service up to 8oz.

Eco-Friendly Patagonian Cashmere in White ($?/oz), Grey($?/oz) or Beige($?/oz)

SOLD: Eco-Friendly Patagonian Cashmere in White ($12.00/oz), Grey($13.50/oz) or Beige($12.00/oz)


Yak Top: $18/2oz

SOLD: Yak Top: $18/2oz


Yak/Silk (50/50): $16/2oz

SOLD: Yak/Silk (50/50): $16/2oz


Yak/Merino/Silk Top: $19/2oz

SOLD: Yak/Merino/Silk Top: $19/2oz


Yak/Merino: $20/2oz

SOLD: Yak/Merino: $20/2oz

A Taste of What We Have to Offer!

Look at what I just got in the mail! Notice it came by courier into the USA before going into the mail? The wrapping is muslin cloth that has been sewn onto the box! How fun is that?!? My charka and punis came packaged like this. Makes you realize how inexpensive labor is in India.

image001     image003

These takhlis will be going into our cotton kits. These fabulous kits have a variety of different cottons and cotton preparations for you to try with your lovely takhli or spin on your wheel. You will get to experience cotton in several different ways so you can pick your favorite preparation. We have two cotton kits: Cotton Sampler ($25) with a variety of fiber preparations and the Cotton Roving Sampler ($30) which has a variety of different rovings for the spinner to sample. Add a takhli and spinning cup to either sampler for only $15.


The fiber shows start in September so we are busy dyeing fibers! Silk hankies are stacking up, waiting to be spun into fine threads and looking so luscious!

image007     image009

We are introducing a new-for-us fiber blend, 50/50 Superwash Merino/Tencel. We think you are going to absolutely love it! It is shiny, oh so soft, and so easy to spin! We are putting this up in 4oz hanks and it will sell for $18. Ginger spun some of this fiber into a lace weight yarn and has been knitting a Pi Shawl. The yarn’s shine and depth of color make it hard to photograph, but the colors are rich with and have a lovely depth from the combination of wool and Tencel. Ginger’s shawl will be wonderful once it has been blocked so the pattern shows. Stay tuned for the final picture!


Ewephoric Fibers is introducing our green cashmere for sale for the first time! This exquisite fiber was combed off goats living on the Patagonian Steppe. Ginger traveled to Argentina to work with the shepherds’ cooperative and to bring back cashmere. She purchased all the fiber the shepherds had — a very small amount! Be sure to read the previous post about these extraordinary people, their animals, and their lifestyle. This fiber is totally organic, renewable and has been purchased at a fair trade price. A percentage of the profit will go back to the cooperative to help the shepherds continue to improve their herds through replacement of livestock taken by predators, training and education. We think you will absolutely love the soft, buttery feel of this cashmere cloud and its amazing staple length which makes it a dream to spin! One ounce of beige or white Patagonian cashmere is $14 and the ultra-fine gray is $14.50. The quantities are very limited so don’t wait!

To purchase any of the above fibers, email ginger-at-ewephoricfibers-dot-com.


Etsy Mega Update!

We’ve just finished uploading a ton of new rovings to our Etsy shop. Click to go there!

Ewephoric Rovings: 2-ounce bags

ETA: We’re putting our inventory up on Etsy. Click on the links to the right to shop.

Lovely, hand-selected blends of our favorite fibers in fluffy, multi-hued roving form. Soft, light, and ready to spin. Click on the images to zoom in for a detail.

violet roving

Violet: Border Leicester, Shetland, Alpaca

pink roving

Bright Pink-Red: Border Leicester, Shetland, Alpaca, Tencel

orange roving

Orange: Border Leicester, Shetland, Alpaca

green roving

Green: Border Leicester, Shetland, Alpaca, Tencel

burgundy roving

Burgundy: Wool, Alpaca, Tencel