About Us



Meet Ginger

I have been a fiberholic since I learned how to spin 30 years ago. I had a wool sheep and dairy goat farm (Holly Birch Farm) where I raised angora goats and angora rabbits along with sheep for spinning fibers. I acquired my first loom during those early years to help use up the prodigious amount of yarn I was spinning — about one pound a day of worsted weight. I wove in the winter after the sheep and wool festival cycle and the canning were done. I did the dyeing outside during the spring and summer in the summer kitchen.

I am a lifelong knitter and crocheter. I do not remember learning either but I do remember sitting in my grandmother’s lap knitting or crocheting along with her. I learned to alter patterns and eventually to write my own to showcase the yarns I was creating — something I continue to do.

Since I no longer have to spin for my dinner, I now spin only soft, luxurious fibers that make me smile as they slide through my fingers. I want to share these amazing fibers with other spinners. My 30 years of experience knitting, crocheting, and weaving with handspun lends an unusual level of expertise that guides the selection and blending of fibers for that amazing tactile experience of spinning, knitting, and weaving with your own handspun yarn!



Meet Jane

I got into spinning in a serious way a few years back when, tired of working with a homemade drop spindle, I went to a Knit in Public Day with the intention of asking around after a used spinning wheel. The following weekend I met up with a like-minded group in a bookstore parking lot, bought a cranky old Louet S-10, and got an imprompu spinning lesson from Ginger. (Thanks, Ginger!)

I either knit or I bite my nails. So most of the time I’m knitting. Except when I am spinning. Or cooking. Or crocheting. I’m picky enough that I can never seem to work a pattern as written and prefer to wing it with my own designs. I also read novels far too fast and I dream in color.

I started dyeing and blending my own spinning fibers because I’m persnickety — and if I’m going to spend the time and energy making yarn and knitting it into something, I wanted it to be something that I loved, not something that was just “close enough” to what was in my head. Yes, color and texture are that important to me — and I hope to share that with you!

And a big thanks to Jeff and Kristen Stevens at Union Design & Photo who took my little sheep sketch and made it into web/css comps in exchange for a costume. Synchronicity rocks!