Ewephoric Spinning Academy

Wild Roving, Tamed

Wild Roving, Tamed

Join Ewephoric Fibers for an informative and fun-filled day of spinning. In the morning portion of the workshop, we will spin wild roving and batts. In the afternoon, we will work on plying to make the best possible yarns. While we are learning about wonderful fibers, we will also be helping a most worthy cause, Peaceful Paths. This non-profit group assists women moving out of abusive situations into a position of self-sufficiency and strength. Ten percent of every workshop fee will go to Peaceful Paths. Feel free to bring a non-perishable food donation for their food pantry. Details after the jump…

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“Green Cashmere” Field Work on the Patagonian Steppes

Many of you know that Ginger was headed to Argentina to interact with cashmere goat herders and the guanaco cooperative (www.payunmatru.com). After an overnight flight from Houston, TX to Buenos Aries, Argentina then an overnight bus ride to Junín de los Andes, the real adventure started! And yes, that is two days of travel to get to the beginning!

Ginger (far left) and the Grupo Costa del Rio Colorado Cooperative

Ginger writes: Susan Walker, who works with the Wildlife Conservation Society (facebook.com/WCS.Patagonian.and.Andean.Steppe), and her husband, Andres Navarro, are long time friends and sponsored my visit to Argentina. They . . . → Read More: “Green Cashmere” Field Work on the Patagonian Steppes

Keep Your Fibers Safe!

Ginger writes: We all have fiber and or yarn stashes that are squirreled away awaiting that perfect project. We have all had the experience of opening our stash and, horror of horrors, discover a little cloud of moths! Or you find a little pile of gritty dust. Your natural fibers can become dinner for moths, silverfish, roaches and other insects. Mice also find that nice warm fluff a fine place to raise a family. So how do you protect your treasures from unwanted company and damage?

Fiber Moths (Clemson University – USDA Cooperative Extension Slide Series, Bugwood.org)

There . . . → Read More: Keep Your Fibers Safe!

Etsy Mega Update!

We’ve just finished uploading a ton of new rovings to our Etsy shop. Click to go there!

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Join us at WoodsEdge!

Photo from our visit to WoodsEdge Wools Farm last year.

From the WoodsEdge Newsletter (you can read the entire newsletter here, or visit the WoodsEdge website):

Knit & Spin with the Experts Sunday, August 8 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. [WoodsEdge Wools Farm, 78 Bowne Station Road, Stockton, NJ]

Fellow fiber aficionados, come and share your love of textiles at the Knit & Spin with the Experts. Bring your current knitting, crocheting, felting or spinning project and learn tips from Ginger, Jane & Linda who have a combined textile background of over 100 years!! Ravelry fans . . . → Read More: Join us at WoodsEdge!