Ewephoric Newsletter, The First

Drop Spindle By Molly Stanek via flickr

Golding Drop Spindle By Molly Stanek via flickr

Hello fellow spinners!

It’s time for me to stop talking about wanting to do a newsletter and start writing a newsletter! I’ve been spinning for a long time now, about 30 years. I got my first spinning wheel for Christmas the first year on the NJ farm. My then husband gave me an Ashford Traveler and told me that he wanted a wool sweater from one of the sheep in the yard. Not to be defeated by a box of kindling, I stained and built the wheel and did a pretty good job! Along with the wheel, I received The Joy of Spinning by Marilyn Kluger. I do not recommend learning to spin from a book, but it certainly is doable. Pictures in a book do not convey the same clarity as a YouTube video, or much better, a one-on-one experience. After a frustrating couple of weeks I started to ‘get’ it and then found a small shop about an hour away where I was able to take a lesson. The “aha” moment happened and I was hooked!

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