A Taste of What We Have to Offer!

Look at what I just got in the mail! Notice it came by courier into the USA before going into the mail? The wrapping is muslin cloth that has been sewn onto the box! How fun is that?!? My charka and punis came packaged like this. Makes you realize how inexpensive labor is in India.


These takhlis will be going into our cotton kits. These fabulous kits have a variety of different cottons and cotton preparations for you to try with your lovely takhli or spin on your wheel. You will get to experience cotton . . . → Read More: A Taste of What We Have to Offer!

Patagonia 2013

Argentina is lovely in the fall! The days were unseasonably warm at the beginning of the trip, but the nights were cool and comfortable for sleeping. Here in Florida we are in late spring but below the equator, April is early fall. The shepherds had already moved their herds of cashmere goats to the winter feeding grounds. The area was still green due to the warm weather, but it is still not a very productive landscape.

I was able to travel down to Patagonia on a grant from Eileen Fisher given to the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) . . . → Read More: Patagonia 2013

“Green Cashmere” Field Work on the Patagonian Steppes

Many of you know that Ginger was headed to Argentina to interact with cashmere goat herders and the guanaco cooperative (www.payunmatru.com). After an overnight flight from Houston, TX to Buenos Aries, Argentina then an overnight bus ride to Junín de los Andes, the real adventure started! And yes, that is two days of travel to get to the beginning!

Ginger (far left) and the Grupo Costa del Rio Colorado Cooperative

Ginger writes: Susan Walker, who works with the Wildlife Conservation Society (facebook.com/WCS.Patagonian.and.Andean.Steppe), and her husband, Andres Navarro, are long time friends and sponsored my visit to Argentina. They . . . → Read More: “Green Cashmere” Field Work on the Patagonian Steppes