A Taste of What We Have to Offer!

Look at what I just got in the mail! Notice it came by courier into the USA before going into the mail? The wrapping is muslin cloth that has been sewn onto the box! How fun is that?!? My charka and punis came packaged like this. Makes you realize how inexpensive labor is in India.


These takhlis will be going into our cotton kits. These fabulous kits have a variety of different cottons and cotton preparations for you to try with your lovely takhli or spin on your wheel. You will get to experience cotton . . . → Read More: A Taste of What We Have to Offer!

Award-Winning Fibers!

Jane's Ewephoric Fiber entry in the swatch division took Best In Show.

That’s right! I entered Ewephoric Fibers in the Skein Competition at the Garden State Wool and Fiber Festival and it received Best In Show. Yes, we have some of that exact same fiber left. You can purchase it online (here) or you can visit the Hanks booth at the Florida Fiber In this weekend in Orlando and pick it up there. So exciting!

Ewephoric Rovings: 2-ounce bags

ETA: We’re putting our inventory up on Etsy. Click on the links to the right to shop.

Lovely, hand-selected blends of our favorite fibers in fluffy, multi-hued roving form. Soft, light, and ready to spin. Click on the images to zoom in for a detail.

Violet: Border Leicester, Shetland, Alpaca

Bright Pink-Red: Border Leicester, Shetland, Alpaca, Tencel

Orange: Border Leicester, Shetland, Alpaca

Green: Border Leicester, Shetland, Alpaca, Tencel

Burgundy: Wool, Alpaca, . . . → Read More: Ewephoric Rovings: 2-ounce bags